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Small selection of past works.


Artists’ foreword

On 21 June 2022, the graduation party of the 48th class of Rakvere Reaalgümnaasium took place here at the Carola bar. Almost everyone was here. The bar was open; they partied and danced. They kissed people they hadn’t kissed before. They asked the DJ to play their favourite songs and enjoyed a party programme with several surprises. Their own school band Kunnelistid played while someone was already passed out in the bathroom. The party ended in the morning. Some went on to Olerex but that isn’t important anymore.

We have asked the party-goers to return to the Carola bar to see it as they left it. The playful
elements and events of the party have been immortalised in Carola as a performative installation.

Let's summarize and give ratings. Why not.
The categories are new every performance.
The democratic vote decides everything!
Data is real and so is the courage of the performers to playfully relate to it

The flowers have withered and the moment with them.
You may remember that moment but I don’t believe you

Description of the process:

We began preparations around half a year before the premiere. We asked ourselves how to connect
with young people. We met the graduates individually through Zoom as well as in person and tried
to find a mutual form of cooperation that would allow us to create something meaningful for both
parties. We found that organising the graduation party with them would allow us to practically and
functionally curate the process. To involve people in creating a space for themselves, not for us or
an audience. After the party, we focussed on combining documentary materials – including the
thrashed venue as well as videos – with the live presence of the graduates in a preserved environment and moment. We sought to answer what the artistic equivalent would be to the temporal vacuum that young people experience in that moment – dreams shattered, fulfilled or changed. We conducted movement sessions to release the body and tried various playful formats to make the existing data and the experience of the party active in the present moment. The most difficult question, however, was: how do we share these priceless moments, where we as artists felt truly connected with the young person in front of us during individual conversations, with an audience? Graduating secondary school in a small town often means leaving home and moving to a big city, either temporarily or permanently. We remember that moment but this process has helped us to see aspects of our own growth we did not comprehend at the time.

Liisa Saaremäel, Kuressaare
Emer Värk, Elva

We Estonians like to talk about how we sang ourselves free.

This story is based on interviews with women who helped restore Estonia’s independence. The production team is playing with a myth that finally, amid a fiery confrontation, it was these few women who were able to preserve the peace, and the common ground necessary for declaring independence was found. But we’re not just talking about the past. We’re talking about the words for which our predecessors were ready to die, and what they mean to us today. When we talk about freedom and lack thereof, what are we really talking about? And is agreement even possible, when we’re singing different tunes?



Tiny Home Productions Presents:

Set Design  (Uue Loomingu Maja)
June 2021

“Tiny Home Production presents: Larger-than-life” is a site-specific open-air performance, set in the area of Paljassaare Garage Cooperation: a vast grid of unnamed streets, 1300 numbered garage boxes stand next to each other like a city within a city.


What happens when a simple, somewhat self-thinking modern citizen who is not a monk, scholar, music lover or other extremist opens an old book for some reason unknown to us, with at least the same old song playing in the background.



You will see so many pretty things

Premiere: Detcember 2019 - Kanuti Gildi Saal

"You Will See So Many Pretty Things" is a play about violence between those have come together through gentle emotions. A grotesque glimpse of the dark rooms you wouldn't usually see as they are hidden behind curtains of your daily life. Cruelty and evil that is polished and groomed. "You Will See So Many Pretty Things" is a visual love story that has no expected end.




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